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What’s your design style?

I don’t believe in styles, in what’s modern or generally accepted. I believe that every person has their own story, their own style, their own sense of “home”! My goal is to first help you find your design style and then successfully implement it throughout your home or business. With over 7 years in the business, I’ve earned the reputation of being a designer who “listens and really hears” what my clients have to say. My interior styling and design services can help anyone who is looking to move a project forward and feels they would benefit from the help of a seasoned professional.

Why me?

I believe that a beautiful, functional space can be one of the keys to finding joy and becoming our best selves. A unique bathroom can make mornings an opportunity and not another morning routine. A dynamic kitchen can encourage a passion for new beginnings. Good design can change your mood, your lifetime, can even reduce the amount of stress in your life! I believe that spaces have meaning, and that everyone deserves one that is tailor-made for who they are and how they live.

My services:

  • Interior Decorating and Design
  • Kitchen Design
  • Bathroom Design
  • Cottage Design & Renovation
  • Space Planning
  • Window Coverings
  • Counselling about colors and lightning
  • Design of furniture (e.g. reception desk, tv cabinet, bar,…)
  • Complete new building projects, exterior design
  • Full Project Management

“Do you believe an interior designer with 3D package is too expensive for you? Wrong! Even with a small budget we can achieve great results!”



My 3D visualization Galleries

Photorealistic visualizations of interiors, truly reflecting the proportions of the room and equipment, are the best preview of the project. Thanks to them, in the intermediate stages of the project you can ensure that the functional aspect of the whole layout and arrangement of the individual rooms is comfortable and ergonomic and that the finishing materials have been chosen perfectly.