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Be Original!

“Have what you love, pick what you like, design your home with your heart and not with pictures from magazines.” 



A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words!

Making a 3D rendering based on my client’s ideas allows me to present amazing projects before they exist – with much more style and effect than using mere sketches and drawings. It’s hard to imagine an entire look based on technical specifications, even with references. Thanks to the wonders of technology, furniture, texture, colors, and even the type and nature of light, all become easily changeable elements, which allows me to make the perfect representation of a client’s idea.

What is Architectural Visualization?

Unlike 2D designs which may need clear instructions on how to deduce design information, 3D designs are almost instruction-less and without any language barriers. It is natural to understand 3D design and experience the virtual reality it creates. Using 3D design allows me not only to choose and change design, but also to give a sense of space, to see what an actual project looks like. 3D rendering can quickly and effectively show what different options will look like, it can also stimulate the design process by revealing unexpected qualities in a space, leading to further ideas.

“I believe that in the future we will work, live and communicate with other people in a virtual space. If you’re ready to make a first step into this new kind of virtual world – just give me a call:)”


Measure Twice, Cut Once…

Many errors that can occur with conventional 2D design methods are avoided with 3D environment. Clients can visualize the whole structure or product with real-life simulation and can avoid errors such as unmatched colors and wrong sized furniture. Reducing errors minimizes the need for re-work, improves overall design quality and saves costs.

 “What Will That Look Like?”

3D interior rendering is a great solution to these problem. The end result is presented exactly “as it is”. The textures, the lighting, the furniture, the outlets, the glazing – everything you’d hope to see in the crisp clean transformation of your boring old living room is presented in perfect clarity.

As Close to The Reality as Possible…

I’m doing a meticulous job by working out even the smallest details of the project and paying great attention to the choice of textures, lighting sources, decorative elements, which create an integral picture of a space. My main goal is to erase the boundaries between reality and fantasy, to fulfill the gap between your imaginations and visualization.